Malibu 23LSV


  • Price:$105,000.00
  • VIN #:MBS4991H718
  • Make:Malibu
  • Model:23LSV
  • Year:2018
  • Hours:105


The 23 LSV is the epitome of luxury and legendary performance. One of the best-selling towboats of all time and is truly a legend on the water. With generous seating for up to 15, pack the boat with friends and family to show off the unimaginable wake and waves that are crafted behind the 23 LSV. Wakeboarding Review The 23 LSV is all new for Malibu in 2018. This boat has become synonymous over the years with a consistent, high-quality wake and it's only gotten better with the new design. The LSV wake is like a bigger version of the VLX wake - A.K.A. a great shape with perfect transition. With the stock ballast and Wedge, the wake had good size and a nice, consistent kick. Riders of all levels will be comfortable behind this new shape. Malibu has gone and made a great wake even better. Wakesurfing Review By this point you should know that if you take the consistent shape of a Malibu wake and add Surf Gate to it, you're going to get something really good. That's no different with the new 23 LSV. As is the case with the Surf Gate and Power Wedge combination, the wave on the 23 LSV had more than enough volume, push, and consistency. We had fun carving big turns, getting really far back, as well as working on airs. Of course, with the Surf Band we were also able to control Surf Gate and dial in transfers, which is something every wakesurfer needs to try.